Westside Harley-Davidson Wide Glide

"...it doesn’t feel as though it runs out of steam,” said Dave.

DAVE SAW a wide-arse kit in a magazine and asked Shane Watson at Westside Custom Cycles to add one to his Wide Glide along with some other bits and pieces. Basically, Dave let Shane do what he wanted and he just paid the bills. “It ended up a full transition with bigger front wheel (23 inch) with 260 rear-end,” said Dave. “We added some extra rake and I think it handles better than it did originally off the showroom floor.”

The drive-side brake had to machined to get it to work and look right. Dave wanted to go with a strutless rear fender but nothing was available so Shane ended up buying one and working it in to the frame of the bike. “There was lots of welding to get it looking right,” said Dave.

The stock motor runs a mild a cam and a ThunderMax ignition. “It now has better torque, and using a different pulley, it’s quicker off the mark,” said Dave. “Now it doesn’t feel as though it runs out of steam.”

Article submitted by Brian White

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