Westdale Rock

Westdale Rock is the most action-packed weekend any petrol head/adrenaline junky could have legally… well, kinda legally.

WESTDALE ROCK has become my favourite biker event. One of the things that makes Westdale great is that it’s a BYO event. The property is owned by the Gypsy Jokers MC and you can walk around drinking and party at your campsite without any hassles.

The dirt drags started early morning with more than 150 entrants ranging across all ages, sizes and attitudes. The street class Harley bracket was certainly entertaining to watch; with road tyres the bikes were slipping and sliding everywhere. One dude with apehangers never gave up or backed off; talk about a man with balls of steel. A few good crashes were also witnesses by different riders. Ant ended up taking out the street class, and Potter took out the Harley unlimited class. Just two of the many winners.

The main racing was the V8s. Benno, on his famous 666 Donavan 410 stroker, built by the Kendrick Race Team, red-lighted but still managed an unbelievable run. Aussie’s was the quickest dirt dragger at 100.3 mph, and at half track he pulled the most awesome wheelstand ever seen on a V8 bike (I’ve since seen Benno run a 110 mph pass at Northhampton). Eventually, Johno ended up walking away with the win.

Julie Bailey won the unlimited metric pass on her blue beast.

The Hooligan Freestyle Motorcross Team were doing some amazing jumps and stunts pleasing the crowd all day long.

The tattoo comp was running from lunchtime onwards with more than 400 entries. The entrants kept flowing into the judging tent one after another making this WA’s largest tattoo competition. Shazza had her hands full ensuring everybody was in the correct category and judged fairly.

Some competitors in the burn-out comp were doing warm-up sessions throughout the day. The burn-out finals started late afternoon when the serious big boys rolled out their toys. With bundles of cash and trophies up for grabs, mateship went up in smoke; every man for themselves.

By night fall, the crowds made their way to the front of the main stage area when the strippers from Living Dolls came on to strut their stuff. I was one of the lucky ones to be up on stage to catch a birds-eye view; all for our readers benefit of course.

The tittie comp that followed was more like a lesbo fest. They could have dipped me in honey and thrown me in between them all. With more than 20 girls chosen from the crowd, it was a great spectacle; titties all shapes and sizes. I can tell you these girls weren’t shy. It’s amazing what alcohol can do along with a chance to win $500 cash for the most popular girl.

Now that the crowd was revved up after the naked girls and tittie show, the bands came out to play. The crowd packed themselves in for night for some good old rock music. The Living End and Spiderbait just went off. Dave Hole, Mammal, Kill Devil, and loads more, played till the early hours of the morning. The alcohol and fire bins along with great music kept everyone up all night.

If you haven’t been to Westdale Rock, you are missing one of Australia’s greatest events. Yep, it’s just one big party, bikes, booze, bands, burn-outs, and boobies. What more could a man one in one weekend.

Pics by Richie, Gazza and Brian; Words by Gazza

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