Gypsy Joker MC Westdale Rock 1

Westdale Rock was pumped with music reverberating from giant speakers in the natural amphitheatre, and engines revving from all sides whether it be on two wheels or four.

FIRST OFF was the sand drags. At the far end there was a good sized braking area and an ambulance on hand. Various contraptions were fishtailing along the strip, some brave enough to stay on the back wheels for the entire length. One of the quickest was Drewy’s turbocharged V-Rod (see Ozbike Issue #316 for a full feature on this sensational sand dragster). We are used to seeing Drewy on his very fast nitro Harley but this V-Rod was just as exciting.

Moving on to the paddocks, there was plenty of action as well, even if it was unsanctioned. The kids got to tear around on their peewee 50s in big open spaces. Some of the bigger kids had their own cars out with one of the better toys a V8-powered buggy that could do wheelstands and get up to a pretty decent speed. Of course if you wanted the ultimate there was even a helicopter on the premises—a helicopter or Christ’s sake! Such was the size of Westdale Rock.

As a ‘BYO and camping allowed’ event there was plenty of people who had set up their camps and were ready for a good time for the night. Anyone with a fire was popular with the extreme wind chill, and a few cans of Jim or Jack’s finest didn’t go down too badly either.

Moving down the list, there was a new burnout pad set up for anyone to chuck a skid on. There was some strange set ups hitting it up. The finalists were a Commodore and a Gemini who took to the pad under a spotlight in the cover of night and gave it their all. The 300 sqm octagon burnout pad still had the slipperiness of new concrete so the contestants did well to get smoke happening. The crowd was five thick around the pad and gave their appreciation. Earlier in the day there was even a nitro Harley out there doing its thing.

Behind the burnout pad was a big crane set up to lift the camera crew covering the event. It really got swinging in the wind though; that was a deal for the brave if ever there was one.

Then there was the stage. It was mid-sized with the Gypsy Joker MC banner hanging proudly behind. Packed with speakers and lights it did the job admirably. Tattoos were judged off to the side and there was a VIP section behind as well.

Bands for the night were the Jets, Dave Hole, V-Delli, J Babies, Sliders, Undesired, No Way Out, Mudguts and Sculpt. All went down real well with the crowd. With the spotlights swinging above in occasional rain, the bass hitting your chest and the people all moving, it was a pretty damn cool place to be.

There were was the girls with Living Dolls dancing up another storm for the day. Five of their finest performed all manner of tricks up on stage and kept the crowd happy, many of whom insisted on displaying their own assets back. It was probably a few of those same amateurs who got up later for the wet T-shirt contest.

As you can tell from this write up, this wasn’t necessarily a bike event but its main fan base was pretty much made up of the motorcycling fraternity. Each camp had a few bikes on display and there were sectioned off areas for the various clubs. Groups cruised in throughout the day to set up and it was a good ride into the place between weather squalls.

Cheers to the Gypsy Joker MC for the day, many people went home impressed by how well the day went off; we’ll be looking forward to the next event!

pics by Brian White & Mark Zollweg of West Media; words by Luke Nieuwhof

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