Livin Loco Cholo & Nakita

“I wanted to go full Vicla-style Bagger without the chrome like everyone else is doing. Where they went chrome everything, I went black everything,” said Nathan.

THIS STARTED out as my brother’s bike that I was building for him four years ago. It started life as a 1999 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy then customised to a bagger with a 23-inch front wheel; a big wheel here in Australia back then. My brother started on another project and sold it to a mate of mine who was going to continue with the build but he got busy and never got around to it.

When I bought the bike I stripped it down to the frame. From start to finish it took me around five weeks to build. Everything my brother spent money on the bike I either traded away or threw away. I wanted to go full Vicla-style bagger without the chrome like everyone else is doing. Where they went chrome everything, I went black everything.

I got rid of the old 23-inch mag wheel and replaced it with a 23-inch spoke wheel for the front and a 18-inch spoke for the rear.

I fitted an Air Ride rear suspension unit too.

The pipes are handmade 42-inch fishtails. They weren’t long enough so I stretched them out even longer to suit the look I was after. They are wrapped in Titanium heat-wrap.

The rear guard has been stretched six inches and dropped on the sides by two inches. The front guard has been stretched as well. While I was stretching things the tanks were stretched out too.

The floor boards are from an older model Harley-Davidson. There was a lot of work in the mounts to get them to fit.

The front brake caliper is off a later model Twin Cam Harley-Davidson.

The engine is a 110 cu RevTech with a Roland Sands Design air filter. The engine fins, voltage regulator and rear brake have been diamond cut.

While I’m happy with the power I have a turbo planned for it in the near future. The turbo will add more get-up-and-went and will also add a difference to other Vicla’s like the blacked out parts have.

The headlight nacelle is off a later model Harley. I went with the Daymaker lights to modernise the front-end.

The Contrast Cut front-end has been lowered heaps. I fitted Contrast Cut grips to work in with the front-end. The switch-blocks are from a later model Harley as well. The handlebars are 17-inch apes. 

The seat was done in leather and suede by Sharp Trim Customs here on the Gold Coast in Queensland.

This was one of the more intense and time consuming paint jobs I have ever done with more than 30 layers of paint. It has metal-flake, pearls, white gold, silver leaf with candy over it, variegated leaf, water droplets to name a few of the layers. I used real gold leaf and real white gold as well.

I must thank Nostalgia Garage for sponsoring the paint for my bike. I would like to thank Ivan from Moto Solutions for helping me out with the build; he assembled the bike, did all the wiring and fitted the Air Ride suspension.

I’m very happy with this bike and I might just keep it… but everything can be sold for a price!

photos by Rod Cole; story by Nathan at Livin Loco Garage.


I’M A Gold Coast based tattooed model and have been in the modelling industry for just over 10 years. I’m currently studying beauty therapy and am already a qualified makeup artist.

Modelling is a hobby that keeps me on my toes, introduces me to a vast variety of people, and most importantly, lets my creative side run wild.

I used to race dirt bikes as a child, and although I do not own or ride motorbikes now, it has been a great pleasure having the opportunity to take part in a Ozbike magazine shoot.

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