Bespoke Flat Track Racer

Another custom bike build from Bespoke Builds, a division of Fraser Motorcycles in Sydney.

THE MAJORITY of this Flat Track Racer is Harley; otherwise it’s hand-made in the Fraser Motorcycles workshop.

It started life as a Softail Slim. We stripped the wheels, paintwork and body-work to start it from scratch.

It’s got a stock Harley Springer front-end from the Crossbones model; a Sporty tank off a 48 model; 21 by three-and-a-half inch front and rear wheels which we had painted and powder-coated; a stock 103 Stage-One motor; Harley drop-down mirrors; and a small front fender used as a rear fender.

We fitted a set of Harley indicator shells with plasma LEDs — one is high and the other is low beam — instead of using a normal headlight.

Burleigh Bars custom made the handlebars to appear like they’re upside down.

We took the engine covers off and replaced them with Roland Sands Design (RSD) engine covers, and some textured black Harley stuff like the rocker box covers.

It has a little bit of powder-coating on the levers, brake pedals and stuff like that.

We’ve installed a Bassani exhaust system and covered it with Harley heat-wrap.

That’s a RSD air filter, and new Harley seat, and we’ve taken the running boards off and replaced them with pegs.

It’s an olive green paint scheme off a 1918 Harley so it’s from the era that the bike is meant to represent.

The number 60 is relevant because it represents 60 years of Fraser Motorcycles.

The bosses here, John or Darren, asked me if I had any ideas on builds. I drew up a plan and a budget and we went from there. I don’t have an open cheque because it has to be sellable at the end of the day.

It’s a Bespoke Build because that’s something we do here — we hand make bikes for anyone’s individual taste or idea. Anyone can come in and say, “I want this and I want that,” and we can build it for them.

Once we’d finished the olive green Flat Track Racer, it went on the showroom floor and someone walked in the next day and bought it, which is really great.

Photos by Wall 2 Wall; words by Elliot at Fraser Motorcycles


I’M ORIGINALLY from Gladstone, Queensland, but I’ve lived in Sydney now for about eight years. I have a beautiful, blonde hair and blued-eyed sister, Carly, who still lives Queensland and I’ve also still got a lot of friends in Gladstone who all have bikes so a shout out to them.

I’m a pretty humorous and organised girl. I model full-time now. I started catwalk modelling when I was about 10-years-old but I only got into it because Dad made me. I’m 178 cm tall and used to get teased about my height so Dad made me get into basketball and modelling. Turns out I was good at both. I can’t do catwalk modelling any more as my boobs are too big and I don’t play basketball any more either but I’d love to get back into that.

Both my Dad and Step-Dad own Harleys so I guess you could say I’ve grown up around bikes. I love jumping on the back but I’m too much of a girl to ride one on my own. I have a mini Harley that Dad gave me when I was a kid; I used to love to blatt around with that.

Apart from modelling full time I also do presenting, acting, promotions and events. I love my work and I love to exercise as well. I practice Maui Thai boxing and do boot camp every morning at 6 am in the Eastern Suburbs.

Today was good fun; it’s a quick shoot and there wasn’t too much pressure involved like there usually is.

The Bespoke Flat Track Racer and Ayala were photographed in Torque Bar & Grill, the restaurant next door to Fraser Motorcycles in Concord. Torque Bar & Grill is a bustling, retro hangout with regular live rock ‘n’ roll nights, dishing up ribs, steaks and burgers. Make sure you drop in for lunch next time you are in the area.

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