Harley-Davidson VRSCA V-Rod Grunt

G’DAY fellow readers. I’m 45 and this is my ride.

It’s a VRSCA V-Rod, standard when I bought it. I’ve since pulled it down to its bare bones, stripped and polished the entire standard Harley alloy parts such as brake calipers, fork legs, rear pulley, switch blocks, master cylinders and hand controls, dash housing, upper belt guard, wheels and discs.

All the ghost flame etching on the chrome and alloy components I did myself.

I also modified a set of Z-bars to fit into the standard dash housing and put the bike back together in my back shed at home.

The rear indicators I scored off a bike that used to belong to Mickey Rourke!

Performance wise, it’s pretty stock, but with gutted pipes, K&N air filter, stage 1 factory download, Dobeck fuel module, and eliminating the inner air-box cover. It stomps along quite well.

My hard work has paid off with two trophies over the last four years.

Thanks to Simon at The Grunt Factory for sourcing all the aftermarket parts which I also fitted and wired myself. Special thanks to my good mate Drew from Bling Your Thing for all his help with the final polishing and extra chrome plating; and thanks to Ozbike for putting my bike in on your cool magazine!

 GUZ, Yatala, Qld.

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