Cool Head-Turning Harley-Davidson Sportster

I’M A motorcycle mechanic by trade, and I brought this 883 Sportster as my first Harley-Davidson after riding sports bikes all my riding life.

I always liked the Harley-Davidson Sportster as they suited my size. Knowing that a lot of people call them a ‘girls’ or ‘entry level’ Harleys, I wanted to show people that even an 883 Sportster can look cool and turn heads as much as the bigger Harleys.

This bike will be the talk of the town at any bike show and meet with its unique look and has already been featured in a music video and many photo shoots. 

The Many Modifications

STAGE 2 kit; V&H pipes; open air filter; fuel tuner; heavy duty coil leads and plugs; 10-inch short Progression shocks; short side-stand (due to shocks); upgraded Progression front springs; LED headlight; custom handlebar clamp; custom speedo relocation bracket; 2-inch tank lift kit; wire harness tuck; ignition relocation bracket; coil relocation bracket; clear clutch cover; belt guard and covers removed; side-mount number plate; LED front and rear indicators; bronze pegs, bolts, covers and accessories; springer-style, custom, skull seat with bronze springs and custom mounting bracket; all paintwork fully custom ‘one-off’ airbrushed.

Next up… Hammer 1270 kit; turbo kit to match the bronze look; and airbag rear shocks; plus more I’m sure.


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