Luca the Snake Charmer

I DID ACTUALLY work with a snake before at a comedy show, but it was for only five seconds. Today it was a much bigger deal with the snake crawling all over my body. I was sweating at first—I wasn’t too keen on the idea and everyone thought it was pretty funny—but now I’m really relaxed with it. I actually really like the snake now. I can’t wait to hold it again.

I’m 24-years-old. I do promotional modelling, TV presenting for the Naked News, dancing, waitress at buck’s parties, things like that. I used to be into the clubbing scene but now I work at people’s parties on Saturday nights so I feel like I’m getting paid to party. I love entertaining. It’s great fun.

I’m a Sydney girl—North Shore. As a matter of fact, I went to one of those posh private girls schools. Oddly enough, I don’t know the girls from school anymore; most of my current friends are in the same industry as me. 

For fitness I like to work out. I do cardio-type stuff and weight training. I have a personal trainer who’s also a girlfriend of mine—another hottie!

I love music—music is my religion. I sing in the shower and definitely in the car! My Ipod is permanently attached to me and I just love all kinds of music. 

I had heaps of fun today. I thought the Viper trike was beautiful. I wouldn’t say I’m into bikes but that trike today is completely unique and I thought it was just very sexy, and the whole snake thing just makes it even sexier.

photos by Wall 2 Wall

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