Speed Demon Indian Apache Warhorse

Speed Demon Cycles on the Gold Coast has taken an Indian motor and built one of the best customs in the country.

ONE of the sexiest looking V-twin engines produced since the Panhead is the Indian Power Plus PP100 motor which has been chosen to power the creations of some of the world’s top custom bike builders.

As soon as Snow walked into the workshop at Speed Demon Cycles, and laid eyes on the flat black warhorse, he was captivated by its simple beauty. and after a few days of its image burning a hole in his brain, he made the decision to grab hold of this unique bike before the chance passed by.

This story starts a couple of years back, with the purchase of an Indian PP100 motor from Blackhawk Motor Works, Florida, USA. The engine had been built using their output bearing upgrade, flywheel and oil pump modifications, to refine a design based around the Harley V2 Evo engine.

Indian made good use of the V-twin aftermarket production base with Carrillo style conrods, Keith Black or Wiseco pistons, Andrews cams, and H-D style lifters, rockers, pushrods, and shafts. This results in the PP100 having the ability to be rebuilt for many years to come, even though production of this particular incarnation has ceased.

A V-twin replica frame was purchased from America and already had a plus-five-degree rake added to the neck. A 1990’s H-D springer was chosen for total refurbishment, and a satin black powdercoat to match the frame.

A set of new take-off H-D Dyna rims with tyres were snapped up at the right price, the 17-inch rear and 19-inch front complimenting the stance perfectly.

A search for ‘just the right’ gas tank led to the purchase of a 1970’s Shovelhead Super Glide tank in excellent condition. After making a new mounting tunnel to suit the late model frame, installing a late-style screw bung filler, and hand-machining a custom gas cap, it looked a ‘bottle top’ (Indian’s nick name for this motor is the Bottle Cap Head).

Headlight is a four-inch mini hi/low with a custom mount; and to treat the front-end to a bit of Indian culture, a small bronze Indian Motorcycles badge was purchased from Culp’s Specialties USA.

The rear fender is a Jesse James rigid mounted on the swingarm with a mini tombstone light.

The H-D five-speed was torn down and a CCI kicker installed. A BDL three-inch belt drive got some flat black and polished alloy contrasts.

A Sporty rear pulley was matched to a late model 19-mm Kevlar belt; and the belt guard, fender struts, and rear brake lever all got the drilled treatment to match the drilled brake rotors and heat shield on the hand-fabricated exhaust.

More contrasting finishes were applied with the gloss black, hot dog muffler, flat black 2—1 header pipes and stainless exhaust tip with its tri-Y bullet tip insert.

And while on the subject of bullets, you will see the retro grips have Australian Winchester 12 gauge inserts, and Speed Demon modified Burleigh Bars riser bolt holes have 458 Winchester shells with the primers removed, and LED oil and neutral lights installed.

A leaf-spring seat mount was made to give a vintage Indian look to the American leather solo seat.

Front brake caliper is a modified GMA; rear is TC88. Hand controls are BDL for their simplicity of design.

The round chrome oil bag was treated to a bathroom hot tap attached to the filler plug just for funk.

The only thing left to do was give the bike a model name, and as it was not a Chief or a Scout, I felt its hard core image suited Apache, and without flashy paint or chrome, it is definitely a Warhorse.

At the end of the day, custom bike building is about using the right parts for the best result—and this bike delivers all that and more.

I am very happy with the result of this build as I know Snow is too, and I would love to build more of this style bike.

Words by Coop at Speed Demon Cycles; photos by Rod Cole

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