Special Construction Harley-Davidson Softail

MY MOTORBIKE is a Special Construction 1999 Softail. I bought it in 1999 as a rolling chassis with only the frame and sheet metal. It was already painted but no engine, transmission, wiring, etc.

The frame is from Santee. It has handmade stretched tanks, a custom dash, Harley-Davidson Evo 80 cubic inch motor, Harley-Davidson transmission, Andrews #27 cam, Fireball ignition, Mikuni #32 carb, and neon lights on my engine that match my paint job.

I starting building it but ran out of time because of the care required by my daughter so I had a custom bike builder call Ghost Riders Custom Cycles finish it for me to my specs.

It’s a great ride. I do not get to ride much anymore because of Katie and my dad but I do start it up once a week and try to take it around the block.

Take care and remember, live every day like it’s your last day and have fun but at the same time.


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