Sidecar Shock Pressure

I HAVE just bought and fitted a Fournales air suspension unit for my sidecar but what pressure would I need was the big question?

Your technical article was perfect: Sidecar Suspension by Design.

Here we are in France with my 1980 GL1100 EML outfit that I have owned from new, and other than the colour and service parts, etc, it’s as original. I have had Fournales units on the bike from new but the sidecar always had a spring unit, but after 40 years, it now has a Fournales air unit so my wife is looking forward to extra comfort.

Many thanks.


THANKS for sending the photos of your sidecar. She looks great. I do most of my km with just my border collie (who weighs about 20 kilos) in the sidecar and run 10 bar in the Fournales sidecar shock. However, if I go away camping for the weekend with my wife (who weighs considerably more than the dog) I increase the pressure to 12 bar — Skol.

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