Blue Pearl Trike and Jasmine

“Wayne wanted three wheels on his chopper,” said Bomba. ‘No worries,’ I said, and built him this Pearl Blue Trike in the traditional old school style.

WAYNE CAME down from McKay and wanted me to build him a custom trike. I used one of our trike chopper kits. They are a nice, clean, old-school chopper-looking trike. It uses a stock Harley-Davidson belt and the diff comes in the kit. It has a Ford wheel pattern so you can choose between a few different sets of mags. The customer can stick pretty much what they like on it, or they can keep just to the kit like this customer has.

The tanks and bars come in the kit but you can make a few choices between different sets. 

Wayne wanted a RevTech 125 engine, which we are finding to be a fantastic engine, with about 110 horsepower. It’s also got a two-year warranty, unlimited km, and that’s anywhere in Australia from any Custom Chrome dealer.

Wayne wanted it painted pearl blue so I went to my local paint shop and he showed me about 50 pearl blues. I ended up picking a Ford pearl blue. I’m very happy with the colour and so is Wayne. He only wanted one colour, but on the other hand, you can go as far as you want with them.

We’ll design any pipes you want in the kit too. We put those little pipes on, the sissy bar, the digital dash, and now we’re going through the rego side of it.

We’ve been in the bike building business more than 20 years so we have a lot under our belt; most of which Ozbike has photographed for us. The Lethal Weapon bike was top chopper in Australia for a year; we had the big Skull bike; and another great one was the Fire & Ice bike. 

King Pin Choppers is the bike building and retail side of the business; Custom Motorcycle Enterprises is the other side of the business where we manufacture parts and wholesale them. We’ve just cruising along selling parts and trying to keep our heads above water but we’ve still been getting quite a few bikes to build. We actually have all the CNC machines to make our own parts. We make a real bike, a real chopper that’s hand-built. We start with a kit, which works out a lot cheaper these days, but the customers always end up designing it themselves. At the end of the day, we’re happy when the customer is happy. When they ride off happy in the sunset, we’re smiling and happy too.

Pics by Wall 2 Wall; words by Bomba at King Pin Choppers


I’M A COUNTRY girl at heart. I grew up in Queensland and moved to the big smoke when I was 20. I love the bush though. I originally wanted to do some modelling for keeps sake—to show my family once I loose it that once I had it—so I sent a photo into Ralph magazine for a competition on who should they shoot next. I won and was featured in the magazine. Most of the other jobs I’ve done have really been through networking and friends.

I feel empowered when I model. Sometimes it’s hard trying to fight how you feel inside and express something different on the outside. I’ve done a couple of calendars and recently I was in a television series about a famous air brusher, Wayne Harrison. The series was about making a calendar and airbrushing the girls in it. It’s a half hour series and I can’t wait to see it.

 I got a lot of modelling work in London but hated the weather; I’m a Queensland girl.

I’ve did a few acting courses when I was younger, and now that I’m a bit older, I’ve given up the stage fright. I guess I gave up caring about what people thought which helped me just get out there.

I used to sing in a covers band called Comic Book Heroes too; that was good fun.

I ride bikes. I’ve got a ZX Ninja and a CR250 2-stroke. I like a bit of dirt action. I used to race when I was 18. I love getting dirty, running amuck and being one of the boys. I love to challenge the boys too, which takes a bit of adrenalin.

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