Harley-Davidson Shovelhead School Project

Building your own Harley at the tender age of 17 is the perfect way to impress all the girls at school—and scare the shite out of their parents…

TIMMY LOVED the idea of building his own Harley. Firstly, he had to persuade his dad, Mick, to let him inside the workshop. Mick is the manager of Windsor Harley and it was with his nod the Perfect School Project was born. Timmy had an idea how the bike should look. He wanted a Shovel but he didn’t want to kickstart it, and he wanted an extra gear too, so he decided to marry a Softail gearbox to the Shovel motor. A Softail gearbox was cut up, and spacers machined to offset it ¼ of inch so the motor wouldn’t need to move. 

“It was a cunt of job,” Timmy said.

The orange colour was chosen to make it stand out from the crowd. It certainly looks impressive especially in the sunshine. 

There was more drama fitting the 160 tyre at the back especially since he didn’t want to use a chain. He had to match the length of belt to the right pulley. 

“It was a cunt of job too,” Timmy said. 

The modifications didn’t stop here: the oil tank had to be re-engineered; late-model twin disks were fitted to the front-end; late-model, Dyna Wide Glide dash with Dakota speedo were installed; and a late-model Wide Glide fuel tank stretched. Timmy did all the modifications himself. 

It took three months to finish the Perfect School Project, and the head spanner at Windsor Harley, also Mick, said most of the work was performed by Timmy on his own.

Apparently, Mick his father searched out the parts and paid for them; Mick the spanner helped with advice. Timmy would like to thank both for their support and help.

Timmy already has his licence but he refused to elaborate how many points are left on it. The only one thing I learned was that his first ride was tarnished by certain boys in uniform who defected the bike. Well, in my eyes, that would have to be the highest grade a young boy can achieve with his Perfect School Project. 

words & pics by George

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