S&S Roller Rocker Arms for Harley-Davidson Shovels

ROLLER rocker arms from S&S for Shovelheads borrow some features of the S&S Evolution and Twin Cam style rocker arms. All S&S rocker arms are machined from 4140 steel forgings and heat-treated for maximum strength. The forgings are designed to eliminate stress points and provide the strongest, most durable rocker arm possible.

S&S Shovelhead style roller rocker arms also feature the exclusive long S&S rocker arm bushings which provide 50 percent more load bearing surface than stock. The final Evolution-like feature is an oil passage from the pushrod cup of the rocker arm to the inside of the rocker arm body that allows top end oiling through the pushrods when used in conjunction with S&S tappet guides and pushrods. Oiling can also be done through the stock Shovelhead oiling system.

S&S Shovelhead style rocker arms have a nominal rocker ratio of 1.5:1, and high precision CNC machining insures that this ratio will be consistent in all parts. Our experience has shown that the actual rocker ratio of stock and aftermarket Shovelhead style rocker arms can vary widely. Some are less than the nominal stock 1.43:1 ratio and some are more. The roller tip reduces valve tip wear and side loading of the valve stem in high lift applications. S&S Shovelhead style roller rocker arms are compatible with stock and S&S billet Shovelhead style rocker boxes.

Some clearancing may be required when using stock rocker boxes.

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