PTAA Queensland Tattoo Show

After all this excitement we had the Miss PTAA Pinup Comp with 10 gorgeous ladies gracing the stage; it was certainly a highlight of the day.

AS CAN always be expected, the artwork on display at the Jubilee Hotel was exceptional. The tattoo competition showed how much talent our tattooists in this country have, making it extremely hard for the judges on the day to choose a favourite.

For those who don’t know how it works, only three artists judge at any given time; if one judge has work entered, they don’t judge that category so it is fair and unbiased. We also as judges don’t know who has done the artwork so it is purely judged on the work itself.

If anyone thinks this job is a breeze, well, ummm, nah, it’s fuckin’ hard, and with so much talent on display it is no easy task.

Our interval between the judging and presentations was supplied by Dark Horse, a band from Sydney who graciously gave their time for free thanks to Nick and our major sponsor Sailor Jerry. Yes, Sailor Jerry, the tattoo legend from the States’ own brand of spiced rum. Many of us on the day succumbed to the delights of Sailor Jerry… extremely nice drop if I must say so myself and I don’t even drink rum, but I will drink Jerry again. Oh yeah.

The trade stalls were outside and, thankfully, were not rained on this year (and weren’t moved in a mad rush, aka last year). Quite a great range of items were available to suit all tastes.

Dan from Brushfire was airbrushing his style of awesome art, even onto the skin of some lucky individuals. Levi & Josh were doing Graffiti Art on canvas under canvas. Awesome stuff.

Many raffle prizes again up for grabs this year with our $500 worth of tattooing from the artist of your choice being a major favourite. This year’s winner, Marty, girl not guy, was super excited and nominated Ray Temperley from Sacred Rose as her artist of choice.

We again had a Jim Beam guitar, donated by the Jubilee Hotel, unfortunately, I didn’t win this one, certainly not through lack of trying.

Les Bowen from Second Skin donated a beautiful lamp which was hand-painted by Tanya from his studio. The lady who won this was so rapt I saw her hours later saying, “I’ve never won anything! OMG, I luv it.”

Kym Briskey from White Lion kindly donated a couple of her hand-painted pieces one of which I won; the other was auctioned off and a close friend of mine purchased it. LOL.

Other artwork auctioned on the day from Dan (Brushfire) and Levi & Josh, the Graffiti Artists, who donated a piece which was then signed by all the tattoo artists present at the show with more than 20 signatures.

After all this excitement we had the Miss PTAA Pinup Comp with 10 gorgeous ladies gracing the stage; it was certainly a highlight of the day. Unfortunately, my favourite, Daniella B Flame, didn’t win a place, even with going above and beyond the judges’ and crowd’s expectations. The lovely lady who won was Belle wearing a gorgeous, genuine antique dress, closely followed by Cherry & Lou Lou.

Daniel Brandt from Electric Expressions deservedly won the Tattoo of the Day, Done on the Day.

The Kevin Nurse Memorial Trophy for contribution to the tattoo industry was this year deservedly won by Little Mick. This award is voted on by members of the PTAA so is an extra special acknowledgement and achievement.

A great day by a great bunch of people. Thanks guys and girls for your support.

Pics by Danny 666 Marsh; words by Caz

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