Dani and the Down Under Chopper

I’VE BEEN modelling for about five years. I’ve done all sorts of things from nude glamour to fashion, you name it. I’ve worked overseas in California. It was my first ever photo shoot which was for a website and that was a lot of fun. I never thought I’d still be doing it five years later. I danced over there in a burlesque show as well.

I love tattoos. Most of the ones I have are my ideas. I would tell my ideas to someone who was very talented to draw them up for me. I have a couple of crazy ones and a couple of band ones. I’ve had work done here and in the States. I’ve been getting them for way too many years; I started when I was under-age (sorry Mum). My first one was my star sign on my right shoulder.

I’m a big fan of old horror movies so the tattoo on my chest is a bat based on the Dracula story.

My favourite tattoo changes all the time but it’s probably my stomach, which is Blood on Blood, an old Bon Jovi song. It has a lot of meaning to my friends, and to me, it’s a bit of an old friendship.

I’m a movies buff. I’ll watch anything that’s not a romantic comedy. I love the old horror, old science fiction, and anything that’s going to make me laugh like Spooks from the ’80s.

I love bikes. There is nothing like riding down the beach on the back of someone’s bike; the wind, I love it!

I just wanted to say thanks for having me and it’s been awesome and I’m pretty stoked to be part of the Ozbiker Nation.

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Photos by Wall 2 Wall

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