Pro-One Dominator Boar

When you ride a real motorcycle you only ride the best, and over the years, Alex has been there and done that.

MY RIDING days started when I was young. At the age of 15, I rode a BSA Bantam. This was a bike that when you rocked up somewhere, a crowd would gather and someone always gave you their life story about owning a Bantam when they were young. It was and still is an ultra classic bike.

The years blistered by and motorbikes came and went, a few of the Jap crap had even found their way into the garage, but my passion has always been the good old Harley–Davidson. With 12 hogs, there have been all types and configurations, some of them quite quick.

Recently I purchased a bike of passion, a bike of looks and nothing more than pure unadulterated extreme fun on two wheels. A motorbike that stands out in the crowd; whether there are other bikes or standing alone, it will have you turning your head for another look.

Having seen the Pro–One custom motorcycles, I was chuffed that such a bike was so streamline, and the awesome power-plant, and all the finishing touches that come as a full package, nothing to add; it’s one complete bike — the Pro-One is a dazzler. Pro-One hail from California; established in 1989, their show quality bikes are marvelled world wide.

After doing my homework, I was off to purchase a Pro-One Dominator from Magnum Custom Motorcycles. Ian Tonks at Magnum was a wealth of information and had the bike painted in the USA for me. I decided on my colour scheme, candy apple red, with a pig coating the duco. The result is the amazing art of a big boar blistering over the fuel tank and back guard, while larger than life tusks coat the front guard. This mobile artistic machine was coated by Buck Wild of Pimp My Ride Fame in the United States of America, and it’s certainly one piece of eye candy.

The Pro–One Dominator is fitted with a fully polished, two litre motor made by TP Engineering in the USA. It is pure power with a hi–lift cam, flowed heads and roller rockers. To rouse up the torque, a Baker six-speed gearbox is combined with a hydraulic clutch.

The kick-arse engine is cradled by a single down-tube frame with four-inch backbone stretch. The four-link rear suspension is fully adjustable, and the two-inch-over inverted front forks incorporate an extra five degree rake.

There are four-spot calipers front and rear, and braided hoses and stainless steel disc rotors.

No bike is complete without a good sized fuel tank; this one with the flush mount fuel cap holds 15 litres or so.

When you squiz over the custom chrome handlebars, there are no unsightly cables or wires; all have all been concealed. Centred to the handlebars is an all-in-one Digital instrument console; and the hand grips contain decompression buttons to assist starting.

When I go for a squirt on the Dominator, my better half, Carol, chucks on her biker gear, jumps on the removal leather pillion pad and enjoys the ride.

Wheels have come a long way in the last decade. These were machined using the latest state-of-the-art equipment and feature matching pulleys and brake rotors. Squizzing over the rear of the chopper, the rear wheel is coated in 12 inches of Avon tyre.

The Pro-One chopper is breathtaking work of art. For my money, it’s surely excellent value and a good investment. Riding a bike like this keeps your soul from rotting, and is the real reason why God created a gap between our legs — to ride a motorbike.

Pro-One custom motorbike

article by Steve (Rags) Morris

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