Odin’s Warriors MC Wild West Poker Run

Things got a little warm as the night progressed which prompted the girls to shed some of their otherwise ‘worldly garments’...

DUE TO A late departure from Brisbane, we decided to meet up with the run-goers at the first stop for the day, the Tara Hotel. Even though the numbers were down from last year, because of the miserable weather, we arrived at the Tara Hotel to find everyone in high spirits. All the usual suspects were there and we received a warm welcome from the Chinchilla crowd and the familiar faces from the previous year’s run.

After about half an hour, we were back on the road and headed for the second stop of the day, the Kogan Hotel. Kogan is another one of those out-of-way country towns which, in its heyday, boasted seven thriving saw-mills and was a major stop-over for the good old Cobb and Co. delivery drivers of days gone by.

We were kicking back with a few dust settlers, when the absence of one of the back-up vehicles was first noticed. Turns out, that old Falcon utes run a whole lot better and longer when the engine’s inner working components are being lubricated with an age old additive called ‘oil’. No oil, no go, and that was the case for poor Steve who was left stranded on the old Tara-Kogan road. A good Samaritan picked Steve up and delivered him to the Kogan Hotel safely before he perished in Australia’s harsh outback. Sorry bro, I had to put that in. What the hell were you doing driving a Ford without a working mobile phone anyway?

The last leg of the run was a blast through some good old fashioned country roads before arriving back at the Odin’s clubhouse in Chinchilla. The compound behind the clubhouse quickly filled with bikes and a bloke could have been killed in the stampede as the thirsty run-goers stormed up the ramp for a place at the bar and a few refreshing, post-run drinks.

As usual the club really laid out the welcome mat for all involved with a free after-run barbie. The usual road tales were related over some well earned drinks and the party hit hyperdrive when the night’s band, No Drama, took the stage and got the old shed jumping off its weather worn stumps.

In between sets the raffles were drawn, as were the winners of the poker hands. Young Sarah, all of sweet sixteen, won best hand and the $250. This was Sarah’s 3rd poker run, and the second with the OWMC, riding pillion aboard her mum’s bike. No one claimed the cash for worst hand so it was thrown on the bar for a few free drinks for the stayers.

Moo and Bianca were busy all night behind the bar serving up the coldest booze in Chinchilla, with the help of Ben and Steve. Things got a little warm as the night progressed which prompted the girls to shed some of their otherwise ‘worldly garments’ and opt for a more stream-lined approach as far as alcohol supply was concerned! The blokes loved it as did a few of the girls! Hmm…? The ladies wanted a piece of the action as well and my new mate Steve (the ‘oil free’ back-up driver) was also unceremoniously stripped of his upper attire, much to the crowd’s female contingent’s delight.

There’s a few pubs and an RSL in Chinchilla but, as is the norm in these parts, the locals know where to go to have a full on party and the clubhouse was choc-a-block with revellers until the early hours of Sunday morning.

It was a great day and an even better night. You can see by the pics that a good time was had by all.

The OWMC Chinchilla would like to thank their sponsors, Tara Mini Storage, and the riders who braved the elements to take part in the run. I’d like to thank Skeeta and the Chinchilla crew for another great weekend. I’m already hanging out for their tattoo show—another wild weekend in the wild, wild west.

words by Chuck; pics by Jo

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