My Two Pride And Joys

HERE is a photo of my two pride and joys.

The Triumph, my very first motorcycle, is a stock standard 1977 Silver Jubilee Bonneville Limited Edition, of which I am the second owner. I bought it off a mate of mine in 1986 who bought it brand new in 1977. I rode the Trumpy until I bought the Harley. Due to wear and tear, I had the tin work and wheels repainted to original specifications by the Keed brothers in Arncliffe. The rest of the bike is stock standard and I just need to carry out some minor mechanical work to get her purring like a kitten again.

The Harley is a 1990 Custom Softail which I bought brand spanking new from Sy’s Harley Shop when he started his business in Hoxton Park. I had a Crane Fireball 316 cam fitted to give it some extra go and I replaced the stock seat with a LePera solo seat with tattoo stitching. The stainless steel o-ring footpegs, extended forward controls and all other customising on the bike was done by myself.


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