Much Improved Harley-Davidson Sportster

MY 1200 cc Harley-Davidson Sportster was originally customised in 2008. It had numerous custom-made parts; I also fitted her with 16″ Renegade wheels, adjustable triple trees, PM brakes, Progressive Suspension, dual headlights, Dakota digital speedo, white wall tyres.

The bike was completely dismantled in 2016. Everything that was damaged or scratched was replaced with new ones — every nut, bolt, washer, etc, was re-chromed, painted or polished.

Then I entered her in the 2016 South Coast Nationals and won a couple of awards.

The Sporty had been sitting in the shed (2 years ) until recently when I decided to give her a clean and get her out again. 

This time custom-made parts include air cleaner, horn cover, fenders, handlebars and centre cover, frame covers, seat and seat pan, exhaust pipes and heat shields, gear shift and brake rods, belt guards, sprocket cover and insert, front scoop, speedo bracket, headlight mounts, and number plate mount.

Here are a few photos of my much improved Sportster.

Dennis Berriman

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