Kelly and the Mi Vida Loca

I’M 21 and was scouted when I was a baby for modelling so I’ve pretty much been doing it forever. I’ve been in some top fashion shows like Frock Fashion show; there are so many to name. I’ve done a lot of acting and I do a lot of presenting. I’ve had a speaking role on Packed to the Rafters and I’ve presented for a website company called Unseen TV. I would like to go further with the commercial world, like do more magazine stuff, further in catwalk, but maybe more glamour and commercial and develop further in acting as I’m getting a lot more exposure.

I work as a dance teacher, all dancing styles. I started when I was young. My favourite style is Jazz.

I like bikes. I’ve ridden a CRF250 and mostly dirt bikes. I’m not too mechanical on them but I can ride them. I did that up on my mum’s property. I didn’t grow up on the property; I grew up in the suburbs.

Mi Vida Loca—Spanish for ‘my crazy life’ says it all about Simon & Kelly.

The photos were shot by Wall-2-Wall.

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