Exotic Serena on Chopper Motorbike

I’M 22, an exotic dancer and a mother of two… two cats that is. I call them both Kitty; all very original. I am very girly. I wear a lot of pink and frilly things. I love the fact that I got to shoot with a pin-up bike because it was fun to dress up. I haven’t actually done a shoot in that kind of pin-up style so it was more feminine and the people were fantastic so I had a great time. I’m a bit hesitant about bikes. They are absolutely amazing but I am very clumsy. My brother rides dirt bikes and I actually tried to get on one in the mountains and felt how heavy they were. I didn’t really like that they run away from you as well. I had a couple of accidents happen, so yeah, they are amazing. Maybe when I am a little older and not so nervous I might give it a go.

I am originally from Canberra. I moved up to Sydney 18 months ago. I can’t see myself being here forever because it’s quite fast paced and I like country areas. I might get addicted to the fast pace. Probably not.

I do showgirl work in nightclubs in Kings Cross and I do the exotic shows in the strip clubs. It’s good fun. I also do competitive pole dancing. Basically, it’s about techniques, not about stripping. I see it as an Olympic sport one day. There are competitions like Exotic Angels which is sponsored by Pix Magazine, and Penthouse also sponsors one called Miss Centrefold. There is lots of money involved as well

I like to fish. I like the tranquillity of fishing and find it really good, out there when the tide comes in and I am wading out, you know. I like inlets in the beaches and stuff. I like flathead as well. I would like to try fly fishing.

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Photos by Wall 2 Wall

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