Highway 61 MC Bankstown Custom Motorcycle Show

THE Bankstown Custom Motorcycle Show made a few changes this year. We stuck the stage down near the bar at the back, away from the shops and stalls (much to the delight of the stall holders who reckoned they actually had some hearing left at the end of the day), and we stuck the dyno to the right up front. So as you rode in, the first thing you saw (and definitely heard!) was the roaring bikes at the All Harley Dyno Challenge. Plenty of bikes lined up to take part with some happy punters (and some not so happy punters) afterwards.

Down a bit further we had the trials riders who absolutely amazed the crowd with what and where a motorcycle can go. I mean these guys even had their bikes jumping from the top of one car to the next—top stuff!

The undercover area was full on with people, bikes and exhibitions. The bike builders have taken their creations to the next level—absolute works of art—and it was great to see such a variety of American, British, European and Japanese motorcycles represented.

We also had a new lighting sponsor this year so the bikes were lit bigger and better than ever before. Thanks Anthony.

Up the other end, a comedian was on stage taking the piss out of the crowd. Judging from the laughter, no-one was taking themselves too seriously which was good to see.

And then the Freestyle Dirt Demons began on the trotting track. Dirt bike riders hanging off the front, off the side, and even off the back of their bikes, 10 to 20 meters in the air and making it look so easy… show-off bastards I reckon.

From the stage the music started pumping. Toni Cinni and the Ginhouse Blues Band were in full cry. These guys have been around a long time and they just get better every year. They’re one of the hardest working bands around so if you get a chance check them out.

With the rain holding off, the bikes kept arriving and soon the place was packed. The girls lined up on stage for the wet T-shirt comp—there was even a couple of girls with HOOTERS written on their T-shirts, as if we didn’t know what they were called! Turns out they were just PR girls and weren’t interested in taking their tops off, shame. But we forgot our disappointment once the comp was in full swing. After many cheers and a few more cheers and then a few more cheers, Amy was pronounced the winner. A very, very popular winner.

And when you’d had your fill of breasts (as if) there was the martial arts display going on: Zen Do Kai, Muay Thai, and Kali stick fighting—great work from Rhett Junker and the boys from Fight Rite Dojo Blacktown. There was even some full-on ring fights, and judging from the groans and grunts coming from the ring, these guys weren’t holding anything back—it hurt just to watch.

Then suddenly the place filled with smoke! No one could see anything and the smoke alarms were all going off (luckily no sprinkler system). But it was just the burn-out comp under way. The smell of burning rubber and motorcycles at peak revs always get the crowd hungry for more.

The great music continued with the crowd showing their appreciation for a group of session musicians playing together under the name of Drive, led by Peter Northcote. Great covers of songs you never hear covered. Blew us away—what a memorable set.

Time now for the presentation of the trophies (all handmade). And with 26 categories and the best bikes in Australia on display, this was an awesome effort from our judges. The Pirate bike, built by Dave at Mild and Wild, took out five trophies—outstanding.

Jamilla, the World Title Pole Dancer, came on next and stunned the boys with what she could do. That’s one flexible lady.

She was followed by the girls from Allsorts Entertainment who certainly kept our attention with a variety of entertaining (and removable!) costumes.
Finally, the Harley Raffle Draw and a fella from Goulburn won himself a brand new Harley—lucky bastard.

Hard ‘N’ Fast Promotions would like to thank all our sponsors and everyone who came and helped make it such a bloody awesome day. Check out all the photos and podcasts of the show at www.hardnfast.com

words by Moose; pics by Tony

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