Harley Magic Relaunches in Cairns Queensland

Cairns’ only Harley-Davidson dealership throws open its doors with backing from a new dealer principal.

MUCH-loved Harley-Davidson dealership, Harley Magic, has officially relaunched itself to the Cairns community, taking a firm grip on the handlebars to steer into its future as Harley-Davidson commemorates its 120th year as a brand. The revitalisation of the Harley Magic brand is a culmination of years of work by the local team who have come to intimately know the needs of local Harley-Davidson customers and enthusiasts and continue to share a wealth of knowledge and expertise in their craft.

Harley-Davidson dealership

The official relaunch is headlined by the appointment of Brent Storey as Harley Magic’s new dealer principal. Brent brings with him decades of experience in the motorcycling industry and is determined to bring great customer experience and community to Harley Magic and his new role.

“We’re looking forward to throwing open the doors once again and continuing to be here to serve the Cairns community,” said Brent. “Motorcycling has always been about the people who are in it and, whether it’s a Harley-Davidson fan or just a casual motorbike fan, we’re embracing our past and present and focussing on listening to our customers and getting them excited about the direction we’re taking.”

Harley Magic will host an official relaunch event on the 5th of August (6 — 9 pm) at their dealership, with opportunities for the local community to meet the dealership team and dealer principal who will be serving the area in the years to come. The launch event promises to be a night filled with good music and better food, and an in-depth look at the full 2023 Harley-Davidson model lineup.

Harley-Davidson dealership

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