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HI THERE everyone at Ozbike, the coolest motorbike magazine in Australia and the world. I’m a 38-year-old single mother of five awesome children and I am writing to you guys to ask a question. Would you guys consider doing a photo shoot with me and putting me in your magazine alongside a beautiful tough looking bike? 

I added some photos but here’s a little bit of a background on me.

I was never a girly girl, always seen as one of the boys; men never really looked at me because I was never seen as pretty so I settled with a couple of men who either didn’t care to think I was worth the effort, or as the last moron, thought I was a beating pole.

I left my home with my children and started changing my mind and my body, and started teaching my children that they didn’t have to live in fear anymore.

I spent 12 months living up on Mount Buffalo with my children, a place I knew no-one and I worked my butt off (pun intended) to get where I am now. I learnt who I truly am from who I was. I started getting tattoos, started trying to save for a motorbike (bills never seem to stop). No bike as yet.

I wrote a book and am writing my second book called Rainbows which contains short stories about beauty, dragons, and even the simple smell and texture of a leaf. This book I plan on getting into hospitals for terminally ill people because Mills and Boon kind of sucks. Sick people don’t have the energy to read long chapters; sometimes simple and nice is the best way to go.

I documented my journey on YouTube, and here’s the kicker, guys—I lost 90 kilos!

The pictures I have added were taken by a friend the other night and I have also added a picture of what I used to look like.

So what do you guys think? I know this isn’t the norm but I’m crossing my fingers that maybe, just maybe, you guys may consider me good enough. You never know if you never ask, hey.


Congratulations on turning your life around. Sorry, no photo shoot, but I’m sure the readers will be impressed with your story—Skol.

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