Harley-Davidson Murdered-Out Fat Boy

"This is a prime example of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with all the fruit," said James.

“I GREW up with bikes—pushbikes, motorbikes—and I was always reading motorbike magazines,” said Jason. “I always wanted a cruiser. I started off with a Ninja, sold that, got a couple of dirt bikes—450, 250 two-strokes—and thought it was about time to buy a real bike.

“I’ve had this 2021 Fat Boy for just over 12 months now. It’s had a full motor rebuild from top to bottom, full air-ride suspension, a custom centre-stand, and a custom 23-inch remake of a Fat Boy wheel.

“James from Slick Customs did the majority of the work on the bike.”

“The tins are standard except for the front guard which was painted by a mate. I’m a trimmer, so obviously I re-trimmed the seat before the photoshoot,” said Jason.

“Julius, the photographer, asked me if I was after an agro, mean, vicious look, something out of Mad Max movie. A lot of people say, being so black, it looks like a bat-bike.

“I really enjoy riding the completed Fat Boy; you’ve just got to hold on tight because it really goes hard.”

Build credit for this one goes to James at Slick Customs in Canberra!

“This is one of the bigger builds we’ve completed,” said James. “This 2021 Fat-Boy came to us basically brand new. This is a prime example of a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy with all the fruit. It made 156 hp and 161 lb-ft of torque on the dyno—and it’s naturally aspirated! Making it a true street machine. Our mission was to build a bike that turned heads, and also met our customers visual aesthetics. With a different pipe this build could easily crack the 160 hp mark.”

This bike features everything completely murdered out:

  • Platinum rear air ride.
  • American Suspension front air ride.
  • AF Kustoms electric centre stand.
  • HHI 4-degree triple trees. 
  • Wrap-around 23-inch front fender. 
  • 23-inch replica Fat Boy front wheel.
  • Arlen Ness 15-inch front brake rotor.
  • Magnum shielding cables.
  • Burleigh 2-inch T-Bars 
  • Custom trimmed seat 
  • Screamin’ Eagle leads.
  • APE 128 ci engine.
  • APE Stage 2 ported heads.
  • Ported Screamin’ Eagle 64 mm inlet manifold and throttle body.
  • Screamin’ Eagle adjustable pushrods.
  • Screamin’ Eagle Extreme Ventilator air cleaner.
  • Freedom turn-out exhaust. 
  • APE/CR540 cam.
  • 6.4 GPS injectors.
  • Welded and trued crank.
  • CR compensator ramp.
  • Screamin’ Eagle clutch springs.
  • Complete blackout engine including covers, cylinders and heads.
  • Defiance Collection grips and boards.
  • Murdered Out cylinders.
  • Smooth battery covers. 
  • Arlen Ness mirrors mounted on adjustable perches. 
  • A shit ton of custom fab work.
  • Denali Sound Bomb truck horn.
  • Black bolt kit, levers, axle and pivot bolt covers.
  • Blacked out headlight and speedo.

PS: You’ll see more photos of Jason’s Murdered Out Fat Boy at the feature: Pep Re-Enters the Modelling Arena.

Photos by Julius at Tower Photographics

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