Gerzurgan Old School Biker Get-Together

“Gerzurgan has been around for ages… longer than I can remember. It’s the must-go-to event of the year,” said Skol.

GERZURGAN is situated up in the mountains near Hill End, a former gold mining town, about 80 km from Bathurst. It’s owned by a bunch of bikers — they even have their own graveyard — who open it up to other bikers to party once a year.

Gerzurgan is an ‘old school’ biker get-together, like we used to have before the drug dealers took over the bike clubs. A lot of the visitors are older bikers, with bikes that are old, original or restored, Harley-Davidsons, that they ‘ride’ from all over Australia. There were a few Jap bikes in the crowd but you could count them on one hand. 

I found a bunch of younger guys with Evolution Sportsters camped on the hill overlooking the drag-strip. All their Sportsters were chopped, and each carried a 5 litre bottle of petrol because there was no-way they would make it from Mudgee to Gerzurgan and back again on their small, iconic Sportster fuel tanks.

There’s no accommodation; you bring a tent. There is, however, a toilet block, plenty of food and alcohol available, and a permanent stage with live bands playing well into the night. And there’s a drag-strip — I bet my bike is faster than yours! — which kept everyone entertained for most of the day.

As far as I could see, there were no cops; the place is self-policed — you show respect; you get respect.

Gerzurgan has been around for ages… longer than I can remember. It’s the must-go-to event of the year. It really is a let-your-hair-down party experience with hundreds of like-minded bikers — a blast down memory lane for most of us.

words and photos by Skol.

Balmain boys at Gerzurgan biker party
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  1. I remember going to their parties in the early Bikers Ltd days , it was always a great time .

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