Genuine Harley Custom Accessories

I have never come across a Harley with so many Genuine custom bits on it.

CAME ACROSS a Harley in Fraser’s Harley-Davidson the other day, which would be quite an obvious place to see one, yes? This one caught my eye though because it was a considerably different to the many stock ones around it, so I thought I’d better find out what the go is.

After a few inquiries, I was given a phone number and told it belonged to a guy named Shifta. A few days later I gave Shifta a call and organised to meet him on Saturday for a photoshoot. He was eager to tell me the story behind his ride.

“I was always keen on getting a Harley,” he told me, “so I went down to Fraser’s at Concord to check out what they had there. I finally decided on a Deluxe Softail with all the gear on it, like saddlebags and Screamin’ Eagle exhaust, etc.

“I really was happy with this bike and just loved riding it every chance I could; this was a dream come true for me—but my dream took a drastic turn last year in June—on my way to see my Grandma who was in hospital at the time, I kind of ended up staying there for a while myself when a P plate driver decided to change lanes (probably with stereo blaring) and side-swiped me and my pride and joy off the road. Damn that sucks!

“Anyway, my bike saw some changes when it went in for repair. After talking with the guys at Fraser’s, they organised for me a custom Harley paint-set which was number 21 out of a limited set of 150 worldwide. This was the start of the customising that I commissioned Fraser’s to do for me. I have to tell you that they really did help out great and did a fantastic job for me. 

“The custom gear includes a new front-end, handlebars, switch-blocks, foot controls, exhaust, and a heap more chrome, all of which are Genuine Harley products. The chrome quality is superb. I now own a real custom Harley and a one-of-a-kind.”

I gotta agree with Shifta because I have never come across a Harley-Davidson with so many Genuine custom bits on it. I’m not saying they aren’t out there, I just haven’t seen one like this.

“It looks and sounds great now and is better than new,” says Shifta. “Special thanks go to the Harley team at Fraser’s for their great work.”

words & pics by Tony Sewell

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