Aussie Collector’s Ironhorse Slammer & Lara Dior

“It’s definitely turning a lot of heads,” said Gus, “getting a lot more attention than I expected.”

THIS IS my American Ironhorse Slammer, a 2007 model. There were only 300 made, and I’ve been told there are only eight in Australia. They are a very rare bike and have now become a collector’s item. I actually bought it from the original owner, a doctor, and he had only done 9000 km on it. He hadn’t even changed the tyres on it. What got me really interested was the engine size which is 1925 cc (111 cubic inch). 

I did a bit of research before I bought it and discovered that everything—from the wheels, the forks, and obviously the pearl-white paint-work—was actually made in Texas. There are no Harley parts on it at all. They make their own frames; everything is hand-made. As you see the bike here, it is as it comes out from the showroom.

I’m not planning on doing anything to it in the future; obviously maintaining it and keeping it in the condition it is in, and enjoying what I’ve got. Anyway, if I did anything to it, it would depreciate in value.

I have probably ridden it as far as from Sydney to Newcastle, and I was quite surprised that, with a bike this big, and with it being a lot longer than a normal Harley, it really is great to ride. The only issue is powering around corners because it sits so low you can’t actually ride it like a normal bike. It’s just a matter of getting used to it; other than that, on the straight, it’s got plenty to boot.

It’s definitely turning a lot of heads, getting a lot more attention than I expected.

Lara Dior

Gus organised his friend Lara Dior to model for his American Ironhorse Slammer. Lara has an extensive modelling career; make sure you check out her Facebook page.

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