Da Boss Harley-Davidson Rocker C

Burjo’s bike has had two full makeovers. One by choice and the other by necessity…

WE’VE ALL heard the “full custom job after and accident” story before. Unfortunately for Burjo, the owner of this tastefully modified Harley-Davidson Rocker C, things took a decidedly different twist! 

“The bike originated at a Harley-Davidson dealer in Sydney. After a couple of meetings with the dealer, I decided on an engine build. I wanted something tough, reliable, and to keep those little slanty-eyed buzz-boxes at bay!” 

At this point in the motorbike’s life, she now sported a 103 cube engine, running a Screamin’ Eagle race tuner, 50 mm throttle body and SE race heads with custom flow. A custom grind cam was added, as well as a set of Vance & Hines Big Radius pipes. This added up to 110 hp on the dyno and a flat 12 sec quarter mile run at Queensland’s Willowbank raceway. Burjo reckons when he launched off the line for the first time, the front wheel lunged unexpectedly skyward in an impressive display for the spectators that left him with more skid marks in his jocks than on the tarmac in the staging area!

Now that the bike had the desired grunt, Burjo felt the urge to add some personal touches to the overall appearance of his new found passion.

“Soon after I picked it up from the dealer, it just didn’t feel quite right; it needed a bit more ‘bang’, more visual impact. A mate suggested his friend Jeff so off I went. As fate would have it, only six weeks after Jeff had worked his first lot of magic, I was thrashing around the mountains of Kilcoy when I laid her down on a sharper than anticipated corner. A quick call back to Jeff and a heap more customising later, here she is! The bike never meant to get to this stage… it just grew and mutated!”

Da Boss, as Burjo’s Rocker C is affectionately known, now has a Heartland front fender, side-mount number plate and an Easy Rocker kit which bloats the arse end out to a respectable 260 mm, and a set of 1.75-inch Burleigh Bars sit proudly over the top of an Arlen Ness headlight. 

Accutronix controls were employed to handle the braking duties, front and back. 

The wheels are Dragway RF504 items, 21 x 2.15” up front and an 18 x 260 mm bringing up the rear. 

The paint is a tribal design on candy blue with 24 crt white gold leaf and was laid on by Mark Walker at Queensland Motorcycle Panel and Paint.  

“I couldn’t be happier with the end result! I’d like to send out a special thanks to Jeff for his invaluable help with the rebuild, to Mark for the excellent paint job, and to my mum and Sarah for all their patience during the rebuild. I think when you own a Harley-Davidson, that customising bug bites and you’re hooked! The little bug plays havoc with the wallet and the missus will never understand!” 

Do they ever mate? 

Pics by Jo; words by Chuck U Farley

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