Copper & Black Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo

Captain tells us about a new project he’s been working on.

THIS modified Harley-Davidson Fat Boy Lo belongs to Mike Hibbard, a customer of mine at Captains Performance in Coffs Harbour. Originally, it had an army green wrap over it; it was a bit like the olive green that Harley do. To be honest, it was quite terrible.

Mike had a paint idea in mind; the colours he was after; a few pics. I sent him down to see Kenny at Skin by Finn and he sort of let Kenny go a little bit wild on it; he came up with this very cool paint scheme.

After it all painted up, we decided to pull it back down again and do all the copper highlights on the engine and wheels.

The original Fat Boy Lo engine was all frosted silver so we stripped it down and painted it black; along with the exhaust. We also fitted a set of Bobby Woods cams, and dyno-tuned the finished bike to get a little more performance out of it.

He already had a few accessories on it—like the tinted, layback tail-light—so we just went through and cleaned it up a bit. The end-result? One very tidy Fat Boy Lo that attracts a crowd wherever it goes.

words by Captain at Captains Performance in Coffs Harbour.

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