Chillin’ Oil Filter/Cooler for Kicker Harley-Davidsons

GOT A KICK-only four-speed ride? Tired of dealing with the low-tech, messy, drop-in oil filter? Crime Scene’s Chillin’ Oil Filter/Cooler is the solution. The radial fins on the bracket not only look cool, they’re designed to draw the heat out of the oil. The bracket is machined from a block of 6061 aluminum with a fine-machined finish and mounts to the back three bolts on a four-speed tranny. It accepts a high-tech Fram spin-on element that you can get at any auto parts store.

The Chillin’ Oil Filter/Cooler comes complete with a Fram filter, fittings and hardware. The unit measures approximately 4.5 wide X 5 inches deep X 3 inches high and is for non-electric start bikes only.

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