Gold Coast Natalie and the Ironhead Sporty

HI. I’M 28 years old. I love living on the Gold Coast and I am the very proud wife of the talented Steven Hughes who built this bike.

I have done some promo work and modelling, but my new goal is to get into fitness modelling. Health and fitness is my life! I take great pride in looking after myself, eating right and doing the things that make me happy.

I love what the Gold Coast has to offer, from the beautiful and unique organic and vegan restaurants and cafes to all of the amazing picturesque mountains, forests, beaches and valleys to explore

Now that this beautiful machine is finished, Steven and I are now able to hit the road together on two wheels once again. There is no better feeling. We are always searching for new places to ride. Our last ride was up Mt Tomewin and it did not disappoint.

I’ve been riding Harleys for two years now after Steven insisted I take his Wide Glide for a spin, at least around the block, before making my mind up about buying my own road bike. I fell in love with Harleys and after that there was no turning back!

I work in childcare, and I must say parents nearly fall over backwards when they see me take the helmet off and it’s Miss Nat! The kids love listening to the rumble and trying all of Miss Nat’s Harley gear.

A big shout out to Rod Cole for taking these amazing images. They really are works of art. I couldn’t be happier; the chrome really did come up nicely. 

Next project is my Shovel. We are in the process of purchasing the frame and getting it started. I’m very excited to work with the hubby in putting together another beauty.

Then our daughter’s first bike (Triumph) in time for her getting her licence in two-and-a-bit years. Insane! So you will be seeing us again…

Photos by Rod Cole

Harley-Davidson Sportster

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