Black Harley-Davidson Sportster Trike

Another creation from King Pin Choppers in Queensland

SASHA came to me at King Pin Choppers about three months ago and wanted to buy a Sportster I had for sale. He asked me how much to turn it into a trike; we agreed on a price and off we went to start the job.

I got the trike rear-end kit made and we started to fit it, then Sasha wanted a stretched fuel tank — he was like a kid in a candy store — and an American Suspension front-end.

He went out and bought the beautiful wheel on the front, the front guard, the brakes, the axe mirrors, the DayMaker headlight, to really turn his trike into a special vehicle with his own hand-print.

Sasha was in the Army, fought for our glorious country, and in that process, ended losing a bone in the middle of his hand — so we put a foot-throttle next to the foot-break to overcome his injury.

One day he said, “Can you make me some Z-bars?”

Well, at King Pin Choppers, we are a true chopper shop where we love to make all the parts on the weekends. Z-bars? No problems.

I must say this is an amazing trike to ride — the brakes, the handling, the looks — it’s a great package. If you’d like one yourself, give me a call. I can turn your bike into a trike, no worries.

Harley-Davidson Sportster trike

Sasha and Phil at King Pin Choppers, Brendale, Queensland.

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