S&S Replica Shovel Barbed Bobber

The inspiration for this bike was the simplistic ruggedness of the customs from the early ’70s and a set of white wall tyres!

WIGGO HAD owned a couple of stock hogs when he got the overwhelming urge to build his very own custom. He didn’t want a big-buck show stopper, just something that stood out in a crowd, which had a lot of old world charm but with the added bonus of some new world technology.

You may have read a few stories where a bike builder has started his project with something as simple as a carby, a seat or a set of handlebars, and from these simple components a true work of customising genius has blossomed into an outstanding example of motorcycling individuality. In Wiggo’s case, he spotted a set of white wall tyres and the decision was simple — the Barber Bobber was born!

Four and half months later (Wiggo hates drawn-out projects) he had the finished product in all its bobbed beauty!

Now Wiggo had helped a few mates out with some of their custom projects in the past (see Wal’s Blown Budget, Ozbike #324) so he was no slouch when it came to rolling up his sleeves and start spinning the spanners.

The foundation for this bike is a rigid Santee frame incorporating a DNA Springer front-end with 37-degee-rake which rolls along on a set of 350 x 16 inch DNA wheels.

Hawg Halters Inc handles the braking on the rear and the caliper is neatly tucked away behind the pipes; a GMA unit was chosen to bring things to a standstill up the front.

She runs a set of Harley Fat Boy bars with Hawg Halter switches and lever.

All the assembly work was done by Wiggo, and after the bike had been dummied up and everything had been aligned, chopped, welded and put into place, the whole lot was disassembled and sent away for the final paint, etc.

The king Sporty tank, custom oil bag, frame and rear guard were powder-coated satin black for durability (no tears over stone chips with this baby!) before Brett’s Custom Paints airbrushed the finishing touches with the barbed wire, skull and cross-bones, and the ’09 on the oil tank.

The heart of the beast is a 93-cube S&S Shovel styled motor that breathes in through an E-series carb, and out through a set of custom pipes which were bent up by Les at Fat Pipes in Petrie and suit the theme of the bike down to the ground.

A five speed RevTech gearbox has the power delivered to it via a two-inch BDL semi-open belt drive.

Wiggo was responsible for a lot of the added tabs, brackets, and that smooth-looking hand-shift which incorporates the clutch lever for hassle-free shifting.

The end result is what you see before you — a stack of components, all assembled and modified in a tasteful manner to represent his vision of what a true bobber should look like. This bike just oozes with traditional bike building originality. Well done Wiggo!

Thanks also have to go to Rusty at Reds Sleds for helping to source numerous parts, and to Kiddie from HPC in Brendale.

Make sure you check out the feature on Yasmin & the Barbed Bobber.

Harley-Davidson Shovelhead

Pics by Jo; words by Chuck U Farley

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