Aussie Biker Bells

LEGEND has it that evil road spirits have been latching themselves onto motorbikes, and once attached, these little gremlins enjoy causing mechanical problems and giving bad luck. According to the legend, by attaching a small bell to your motorbike, the gremlins will get trapped in its hollow and the constant ringing will drive them insane until they lose their grip and fall down causing a pothole in the road.

If you buy your own bell, the power of the bell works, but if you receive one as a gift from a friend or loved one, the power is twice as strong.

CC-LEATHER-RIDER is proud to have produced an Australiana range of Biker Bells.

1: The Australian Flag

2: The Eureka Flag

3: The Ned Kelly “Such Is Life”

These Biker Bells made of quality stainless steel and come in a velveteen drawstring bag. For more info: Bravo Bells Archives – Motorbike accessories and clothing Sydney (

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