Airbrushing Made Easy: Part Two

Airbrushing isn’t the easiest thing to do; in fact, it’s pretty God damn hard — that is unless you can get the guidance from one of Australia’s best — Stuart Vimpani at the Airbrush School.

WE WERE all given a silver V-Rod tank cover when we arrived at Stuart’s studio for our second lesson. We placed stencils made of masking vinyl on our tanks in the positions of our choice, then we painted skull scenes on the lower half of the tanks. This looked good enough already but we weren’t finished yet. 

We painted the tops black, then took all the tanks into the spray booth and sprayed candy over the skulls. Now they looked amazing but we weren’t finished yet.

The tanks took about 15 minutes to dry then Stuart showed us how to airbrush realistic fire on top. This is achieved by spraying red, then candy, then orange and candy, then yellow, and finally candy again, into a flame pattern. Now our tanks looked fat as we cleared them in the spray booth. The V-Rod tanks were finished and they looked totally awesome.

Lesson 2 was fantastic, and the look on our faces says it all — we were amazed how good our tanks looked.

Stuart gives you a achievement award at the end of each completed lesson but the best part is obviously the fact that I can now airbrush. Stuart’s courses are great for the learner to advanced and I bet he can teach anybody to airbrush. I would totally recommend this course and Stuart’s airbrushing services to anyone. Thanks Stuart.

Stay cool — Skafty.

What you’ll learn at the Airbrush School

Airbrush Control: Learn the basics of controlling your airbrush and you will be on your way to mastering freehand work. Discover simple techniques that are the basic fundamentals of every artwork you will create. 

Using Shields and Templates: Learn how to create a quick and easy airbrushed scene from scratch in a matter of minutes. With this info your buddies will be envious and wonder how you became so talented in such a short period of time.

Masking: Discover how to use masking to your advantage. Tips and tricks to make your job easier and much quicker.

Learning about your tools: What’s available and where to get it. I explain different types of airbrushes and their uses. 

Cleaning and Maintenance of your Equipment: I show you how to take good care of your equipment to ensure long life and smooth performance. Poor maintenance is the number one reason most people fail and give up.

Materials and their uses: What paints are used for each surface and where to find them. Masking materials and their uses. Surfaces and their preparation. 

My Advanced Killer Custom Painting & Airbrushing Techniques Course includes all of my secrets on how to create a multi layered paint job using ONLY one set of masking. I will take you through a step by step process on how to apply a two tone paint job, divided by an intricate beveled tribal graphic that weaves through itself. 

You will also learn how to paint some of the hottest flames around: realistic fire. 

Then to top it all off, I will show you all my secrets on how to paint those wicked looking skulls finished off with a cool candy overlay. 

All this will be applied to a Harley-Davidson V-Rod tank cover. Finished off with a clear coat it will be all yours to take home. You will have all of your friends in disbelief!

Make sure you check out Part One of Airbrushing Made Easy.

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