Laurena Lacey the International Irish Model

I THINK I’m one of the few international Irish models. I do have a home in Ireland; that’s where I house my things but I’m rarely there. I’ve recently visited Paris, Alicante, Los Angeles, San Diego, Arizona, Peru, Japan, and now I’m in Australia.

I’ve not been modelling for that long, about 19 months. Before that I was University in Birmingham studying Property and Construction. I’ve since worked for Playboy, FHM, Loaded, Fast Car, Fast Bikes, Modified Motors, Nuts, Zoo, and now Ozbike.

I also had (a brief) but funny character on Carmen Electra’s new film, I Want Candy, and yes I did get to see her hot ass in person.

Random stuff about me: I like lying upside down, when I get coffee I like it most through a straw with chocolate powder, I like to be on top, I like cooking and men with a big appetite, I hate getting out of the shower so I jump back in most times, when I sleep in bed with someone I like to have toes touching together, I have a hair fetish, I love furry caterpillars, I pulled Santa’s beard off when I was a wee-un in the grotto, I love running really fast, I love shaving my legs, I always look at the clock at 22:22. Okay, that must be it, breathe…

Nude cooking as one of my favourite hobbies. I like being naked, and it’s fun to role play, dressing up in red lingerie and cat suits.

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