Adjustable Motorcycle Handlebars Risers

HANDLEBAR risers are not new, but this riser is an absolute pioneer on the motorcycle accessories market: the ‘varioRiser’ allows a step-less, individual adjustment of the handlebar position on the motorbike.

While conventional solutions only allow a minimal adjustment of the handlebar, ABM engineers have developed the ‘varioRiser’ in such a way that numerous adjustments are possible. A setting range of up to 15.5 millimetres forwards and backwards arises out of the innovative step-less calibration, so that an individual optimum can be met. No matter whether the motorcyclist is tall or short, sitting more upright or more sporty, the ‘varioRiser‘ enables a precise adjustability of the handlebar position on the motorbike.

“We have long wanted to find a solution which gives motorcyclists next to a more relaxed and individually optimised sitting position also a modern design and optimal ergonomics,” explains CEO Christian Mehlhorn.

The versions are available in eight different colour combinations and fit — sometimes in combination with reduction sleeves — handlebars with a diameter of 22.2 millimetres, 28.6 millimetres and 1-inch. Model-specific ready-to-install sets are also available for numerous motorcycle models which contain all the necessary assembly parts.

The development, conception and production of the awarded ‘varioRiser‘ take place in Germany. The ‘varioRiser‘ has a homologation paper and is available in the manufacturer’s web-shop. The price starts at 159 EUR including VAT. Further information under

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