Proud Madison and the Godfather

I HAVE had some experience with motorbikes. My best friend went and bought a Harley from Fraser’s Motorcycles so I spent a lot of time hanging out there, backwards and forwards, looking at things like mirror sizes, and flames, saddlebags; and spent a huge amount of time discussing, agonising, and then wondering where his girlfriend would sit… 

I have done lots of modelling. I came out of retirement and I’ve been doing modelling solidly for the last four and a half years. I specialise in artist nude, implied nude, nude, and hard core.

I’m not mass market in the glamour modelling industry — I’m a little too horny looking — there’s a gap where I don’t warrant representation so I had to create a style that would actually flatter me best.

There’s plenty of work around. I seem to gel with the market and my photos sell well. I’ve been able to experiment with a lot of different styles, and I have a lot of creative control these days, and I keep the sales rights too.

I can look back in years to come and say I really did well, especially if I have children. I want them to be really proud of me.

You can check out more photos of this motorbike at The Ultima Godfather & Madison.

photos by Walter Glover

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