This is The World’s Fastest Panhead

KEITH ‘Bandit’ Ball has been making waves of ever growing intensity. His 5-Ball Racing has produced unique Bonneville machines that have and continue to set blistering, almost unbelievable World Land Speed Records. The latest such mind-boggler took place during the Bub’s Motorcycle Speed Trials. It all came down when resident salt fox, and three-time record holder, Valerie Thompson, skillfully guided the 5-Ball Assault Weapon to a new 2000 APS PF record.

Valerie was on her game, focused, determined and poised for attack. She dropped the hammer for two passes averaging 156.7 mph with a fastest of 161.7! And that was on a slippery surface many felt too dangerous to risk. In fact, many of the fastest veteran machines that attempted runs were down by as much as 30 mph.

Additionally the 5-Ball team was presented with an austere award at the Bub’s Banquet—Best Engineered Motorcycle.

The meticulously detailed and flawlessly engineered machine is powered by a 120-inch Accurate Engineering Panhead engine cradled in a custom designed Paughco chassis.

That’s right folks. It’s a Panhead!

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