This is The World’s Fastest Panhead

KEITH ‘Bandit’ Ball has been making waves of ever growing intensity. His 5-Ball Racing has produced unique Bonneville machines that have and continue to set blistering, almost unbelievable World Land Speed Records.

The latest such mind boggler took place during the Bub’s Motorcycle Speed Trials. It all came down when resident salt fox, and three-time record holder, Valerie Thompson, skillfully guided the 5-Ball Assault Weapon to a new 2000 APS PF record.

Valerie was on her game, focused, determined and poised for attack. She dropped the hammer for two passes averaging 156.7 mph with a fastest of 161.7! And that was on a slippery surface many felt too dangerous to risk. In fact, many of the fastest veteran machines that attempted runs were down by as much as 30 mph.

Additionally the 5-Ball team was presented with an austere award at the Bub’s Banquet—Best Engineered Motorcycle.

The meticulously detailed and flawlessly engineered machine is powered by a 120-inch Accurate Engineering Panhead engine cradled in a custom designed Paughco chassis.

That’s right folks. It’s a Panhead!

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