Unbreakable Saint Motorcycle Jeans

Engineered For Chaos

DESIGNED for riders by riders. We are passionate about our motorbikes but tired of compromising looks for safety, or safety for fashion. Unbreakable Saint stretch motorcycle jeans deliver great freedom and form with world-first single-layer protection. With no bulky layers or liners, our stretch jeans provides the very best in strength and impact abrasion resistance while maintaining a McQueen-esque style.

Designed by perfectionists, this hard-wearing performance jean enables 180-degree stretch movement along with Dyneema blended yarns creating a jean that is the perfect balance between strength and high street style.

motorcycle rider in the sand dunes

Dyneema is one of the strongest fibres known to man; it is used in applications from bullet-proof vests to the space shuttle. Unbreakable Saint stretch motorcycle jeans have an incredibly slide rating time of 5.9 seconds or 75 metres and are certified to international safety standards.

Obsessed with the mission of creating the perfect pair of jeans for on and off the bike, we equip you with Unbreakable apparel to celebrate the Unbreakable human spirit.

For more information, or to just watch the incredible video of hot bikes and hot birds testing the Unbreakable Saint stretch motorcycle jeans, go to: www.saint.cc

motorcycle rider on the beach

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