Two Pot Kawasaki Screamer

It is cool yet you get a laugh out of it at the same time.

LOVE your mag—I am writing to you about a bike that I have built in my shed, that my mates and I call the Two Pot Screamer. After finding a Kawasaki GPX250 at the tip I was working at, I took it home with a few ideas as to what I could create—maybe a buggy, maybe a go-cart, maybe a motorised Esky—but in the end I decided to turn it into a chopper.

Although all my work-mates said I was crazy and it would never run (with 74,000 km on the clock I had my doubts also), I tried to get some life out of the old girl that night anyway. I cleaned the carbies and spark plugs, gave it some fresh fuel and a jumpstart, and she fired up.

Then the build started.

I dismantled the whole bike and built the frame around the motor on the bench in the shed (a few Jacks helped). I used a raked-out front-end off a Honda XL175 and the rest of the frame from the road bike. The Harley-Davidson chrome exhaust pipes were salvaged from the tip. I used a BASE fuel tank, twin shocks as suspension for the rear, forward mount footpegs and a custom-built suicide shifter and clutch in one. 

It has cost me a total of $100 for a new battery and a couple of pod filters off eBay and some paint sourcing; all the rest of the parts came from our shed or the tip.

It really has to be seen to believed. This bike cruises very nicely and gets up to speeds of around 150 km/h. It is cool yet you get a laugh out of it at the same time. 

I think you guys would get a real laugh out of seeing what I have created and possibly even give it a write-up in your mag. 

crazy Kawasaki GPX250 motorcycle


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