Tuff Candy Chrome Harley-Davidson Breakout

Chad went for a murdered-out kind of look.

I PRETTY much had a love for bikes from the Orange County Chopper show on the Discovery Channel. I’m 35, work as a plumber, have a family, and have always been passionate about bikes, cars and fast stuff, I guess.

I bought this Harley-Davidson Breakout from Frasers in Newcastle. This is not my first Harley. I owned a 48 Sportster before but my wife hit on me because I looked too big on it, apparently.

There was a builder who worked for the same company I worked for, and he had a Breakout as well, and I thought, ‘Wow, his bike looks pretty awesome.’ I discovered Jason had built it so I went onto his Facebook site, and I was, ‘Yeah, this is the man to go to. He’s local and looks like he knows what he’s doing.’

I turned up at Jason’s the next day. We had a chat; bounced some ideas. I said I can’t go crazy-build, money-wise, but I’d like to try something different—because my paint is a little bit out there, the original Candy Chrome from the Harley Factory, I thought we could black-out all the other chrome bits and make the paint the hero, to go for a murdered-out kind of look.

Jason has pretty much worked his way from the front of the bike to the back, blackening out all the accessories, grips, etc, etc. The wheels are standard, they’ve just been gloss-black painted.

It’s got the front wrap-around fender Jason has custom-made. It’s got the 16-inch High-Ball apes from Burleigh Bars. It’s been air-bagged with a SAS kit. It’s got the rear number-plate eliminator kit on it to clean up the back end.

It’s a CVO seat from Harley; I just swapped them over. I thought it complimented the bike being in the dark and light grey colours.

The motor Is stock except for the Bassini exhaust, Screamin’ Eagle hi-flow air-filter and tune.

It’s only just been finished. I got married recently and we got the Breakout ready for that—so it was a big smile on my face on my wedding day. Other than that, I just burn around in town on it. Go the Breakout…

Words by Chad Mansley; photos by Huck Finn

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