Told Jock So

THREE Englishmen were in a pub and spotted a Scotsman at the bar. The first one said he was going to piss him off. He walked over to the Scotsman and tapped him on the shoulder. “Hey Jock, I hear your St. Andrew was a poof.”

“Oh, aye, really? Hmm! I didna know that.”

Puzzled, the Englishman walked back to his mates. “I told him his St. Andrew was a poof and he didn’t care!”

“You just don’t know how to set him off. Watch and learn,” said the second Englishman who walked over and tapped the Scotsman on the shoulder. “Hey, Jock, I hear your St. Andrew was a transvestite poof!”

“Oh, jings! I didnae know that. Thank you.”

Shocked beyond belief, the Englishman went back to his buddies. “You’re right. He is unshakeable!”

The third Englishman said, “No, no, no! I will really piss him off. You just watch.” The Englishman walked over to the Scotsman, tapped him on the shoulder and said: “Hey, Jock, I hear your St. Andrew was an Englishman!”

“Aye! So yer mates were sayin’.”

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