The Rat & the Mouse

A RAT that had had nothing to eat for days, found itself in the bedroom of an old house. Hearing singing, he crawled under the bed and followed the singing which was coming from a potty. The rat looked over the top of the potty, and to his surprise, saw a mouse rowing around in a matchbox.

The mouse rowed over and said “Are you lost, mate?”

The rat said, “Yeah, and I’m starving, is there any grub around?”

The mouse told him to go into the cupboard through a hole in the wall and into the kitchen.

“Thanks a lot. Are there any cats or dogs in there?”

“No nothing,” the mouse said and carried on rowing.

A few minutes later the rat reappeared. He was covered in bite marks and his tail and most of his fur were missing.

“Look at me,” the rat said. “You said there were no cats or dogs down there and I didn’t get any grub.”

The mouse shrugged and said, “You don’t want to take any notice of me. I’ve been on the piss all day.”

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