The Cadillac of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles

I've had fast bikes before but this, to me, is my Cadillac of Harleys. I don't speed. I just put my missus on the back and it's all about cruising.

I’VE had Harleys since probably the age of 18, 19. Growing up with my brothers, having cars and bikes, I got the bug straight away leaving school, and always wanted to own a Vicla style, Mexican-looking Harley. I’ve had lots of Harleys and V-Rods. I started off on Jap bikes but, ultimately, I love this cruiser-style Harley more so I can take my missus on the back as well.

I bought the Harley Deluxe secondhand through a mate—it was pretty much standard; it had only 14-inch apes—and then just took it straight to George’s South Coast Customs and fully customised it.

George has done other bikes for me. He’s awesome. Very professional. Top-class work. No shortcuts. He’s just a great mechanic and has a good name in the business.

We re-trimmed the LePera seat with red diamond stitching.

The wheels were on it when I bought it. We air-bagged it, put the white walls on, fitted the crash-bar and all the Harley Defiance floorboards, pedals and pegs; fitted the fishtails, the apes, all the chrome-work, the front and rear mudguard rails. 

Also, a shout out to Custom Craft for the afterburner lenses which are a great product. 

The bike was never really off the road—just doing a bit on it every month or so—and we pretty much just put the 22-inch apes on it a couple of weeks back. That was the final thing I wanted to do. But being off the road, not really. 

And all my mates know me as riding it everywhere. If I can use it every day, I use it every day. It’s not a weekend bike. I’ve always been like that with my cars and bikes. I cruise everywhere. My mates know me for it. So I’ve put a lot of K’s on it and I’m not afraid to ride it. That’s what it’s for.

George hassles me all the time about doing cams and engine work on my motor, to make it go faster. But I always refuse as it’s time to just enjoy cruising on my Harley with my chick on the back. Best feeling ever. Having a misses that’s into the same things you are and actually enjoys going for a ride.

Wendy is my dream chick. Can’t speak highly enough of her. I’ve never had a girlfriend that’s been into cars and bikes and shows, like me. So we really got on well from day one, and this bike’s got a lot to do with us. She’s pretty much begging me to take it out every weekend or to go for a ride. It just does the same to both of us, a bit of freedom, and it just gives us that same vibe. And like I said, we cruise everywhere and we’re always on it together. So, yeah, it’s great. I get hassled by my mates all the time about being romantic. They actually call me Zuko from the movie Grease. 

I’ve got some other fishtails, Reaper fishtails which are a bit different, coming for it, but otherwise I’m pretty happy with the way my Harley turned out. I’ve had fast bikes before but this, to me, is my Cadillac of Harleys. I don’t speed. I just put my missus on the back and it’s all about cruising. 

words by Frank Di Palma.

Spec Sheet

Owners: Frank & Wendy Di Palma. 

All work done by South Coast Customs.

22-inch x 1.5-inch Burleigh Bars.

SAS Air Suspension

RideWright spoke wheels.

White wall tyres.

H-D Defiance floor boards, pegs and grips, etc.

Front lowered Progressive Suspension

All Genuine Harley chrome work.

Stage 1 engine kit.

Screamin’ Eagle air filter.

Cobra (Bad Hombre) fishtail exhaust.

Cuztom Kraft afterburner lenses.

Front and rear chrome guard rails.

Re-trimmed LePera seat with red diamond stitching.

Harley-Davidson Deluxe

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