The Angry Ant

“It gets called the Angry Ant because there wasn’t a bike on the Poker Run to Bathurst that could beat it,” said Jason.

THIS IS MY best mate’s bike, Geoff White. When we both turned 30, we both went out and bought a Harley. He is a guy who does fly-in/ fly-out work but he didn’t used to, he used to ride with me all the time, but now, with his roster, he is only home one week out of every month.

 It was his bike that I used for a lot of R&D testing, wheel fitment and testing different things out on because it was here all the time. I get these bright ideas, like, this would look good on this bike, so I was able to play with it. Every time I finish it, it’s not finished, you know; it’d be here for another week and I’d look at it and think of something else. 

It has Burleigh High Balls; 21-inch front, three-inch wide, front wheel; Air Ride suspension; S&S cams and runs a Dynojet Power Vision tuner.

I put an 18-inch back wheel on it, used a road bike tyre on the back, because it was narrow and I wanted to keep the Dyna’s ride ability.

I wanted to go a bit old school with the paint and with the inserts. 

Originally I put on a side-mount number-plate conversion but the old blinkers stuck out too far, so I pulled them off and used Softail stems to drop and pull them right in, and then painted the whole thing black to give it that real bright red at the back of it. 

Hanns the Paint Doctor applied the skulls to give it an old school look. I pulled off the belt guard, dash and the flamed headlight with the skull centre, and Hanns airbrushed them to match the bike, among other things, without going too silly. 

It’s got all edge-cut pegs, Arlen Ness lids for the master-cylinders, braided cables, just to make it look like really nice and neat. 

It’s dropped down a fair bit at the back compared to stock with the Legend Air Ride adjustable suspension. It’s supposed to have a shortened kickstand but he won’t put in on because he likes that square sitting look. 

It’s ridden all the time. It does all the AMC (American Motorcycle Club) club runs, has about 22,000 km on it, so it really gets ridden and he loves it. It gets called the Angry Ant because there wasn’t a bike on the Poker Run to Bathurst that could beat it. Didn’t matter if it was around corners or in a straight line, it would zoom off and see ya later. 

He gives me free reign, just do what you do to make it look good, he says. Every time he comes home he changes it, but it’s all finished now, except, he is taking about ProCharging it.

Photos by George; words by Jason

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