Supercharged Wilberforce Harley-Davidson Deuce

"It’s unbelievable! I’d say the bike has at least 25 percent more power," said Brendon.

I’VE HAD road bikes before but I was after a Harley-Davidson—then I got this standard Deuce but it still lacked something. I came to dinner with Adam—he’s my brother-in-law—one day and we spoke about fitting a Scotty’s swingarm and guards, a 250 rear tyre, and a supercharger. I liked the idea so we went ahead with it.

Adam did all the work. I rode the bike into his place as a stock bike and rode it out with a big killer tyre. It’s not all that different to ride with the big tyre. Sure, you know it’s there, but it still handles okay.

The supercharger—now that’s something else. It’s unbelievable! I’d say the bike has at least 25 percent more power. It’s a MagnaCharger and Adam specialises in fitting them.

The black with polished fins on the supercharger really sits nicely with the black with polished fins of the Deuce motor.

Sydney Custom Spraypainting handled the paint. I wanted it to look like a standard bike even though it’s not. I didn’t want a flash paint job; just something classy.

The tank’s untouched; Scotty put an edge on the guards, and there’s the flame on the front, just to break it up.

The end result—it’s not a chopper but it’s a damn nice Harley-Davidson—and I could ride it to Queensland and back without any worries…

pics by Walter Wall; words by Brendon

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