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AFTER CHANGING some bits in the handling department and adding a pair of hard cases for transporting my cameras, I decided to add some zebras to my V-Rod as well. Everyone I spoke to advised me to visit S&R Pro Performance in Penrith because these guys are well known for squeezing every last pony out of your ride.

The most basic increase in horsepower can be achieved by a proper tune-up on the dyno. This is not expensive and most bikes see an extra 10—15 hp.

If your bike is fuel injected, they can fit and dial-in a Power Commander for you. Or, if your pocket is deeper than yours truly, you can opt for a blower or a turbo charger. The turbo chargers are made on the premises and will give you two to three times more horsepower than a stock bike.

These guys know what they’re talking about. Both Snake and Jamie race their bikes on the drag strip, and at the moment, Snake’s Hyabusa with 600 hp is the second fastest bike Down Under with 7.1 sec which transforms to over 190 mph. Fuuuck!

I decided on a Power Commander III and a K&N air-filter for my V-Rod. And after installation, I’m still shaking my head at how much difference they made to the performance — she runs like a freight train!

Thanks Snake and Jamie — you have turned my existing ponies into wild horses and I can proudly announce that I have richly benefited the Police Superannuation Fund and the thank you letter must be on its way together with the licence suspension.

words & pics by George Lang

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